Monday, 14 April 2014

Today I watched this video, I have been thinking about the giant Kinder Surprise Eggs for a while now. I keep my eyes open for them in the supermarkets and other chocolate egg related stores but haven’t chanced upon one yet. So when I watched Will's video I knew had to go and buy one – how could I not, I was basically handed the treasure map. I googled “Italian Deli, Soho” and it only returned one result I Camisa & Son.

I made a friend in the hostel who I from Melbourne with Italian heritage so I sent him one simple message ‘are you doing anything right now? Want to go in search of giant Kinder easter eggs?’.

Forty Minutes later we met at Tottenham Court Road Station and walked towards Soho. The place was very easy to find (its on the same street as G-A-Y). I walked in holding my breath getting nervous –what if other fans had the same idea and bought them all.

There were 3 beautiful eggs left on the shelf! I was so happy.

After we went across the road to La Polenteria for afternoon tea – Italian hot chocolate and Pistachio Brownie.


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