Sunday, 27 April 2014

Today is the 27th of April, meaning I have been in London a full month. 
In my first month I have;
- navigated the tube with all my luggage from east to west London,
- got lost with my luggage,
- stayed in a hostel, 
- been in the audience for two tv shows,
- made friends,
- found a place to live,
- set up a bank account,
- gone grocery shopping, 
- gone DIY & cleaning shopping,
- gotten a temp job,
- forgot the conversion rate & spend too much money of food,
- gone to an Aussie pub, 
- eaten amazing food,
- eaten amazing ice cream,
- walked through St. James park,
- walked through Hyde park,
- ate at borough Market,
- seen Westminster and Big Ben clock tower,
- walked along Southbank,
- visited the British museum, 
- visited the Victoria and Albert museum,
- got a boots loyalty card, 
- run out of milk,
- bought a ready meal because I was too lazy to cook,
- walked down Oxford Street,
- walked down the Mall
- Visited Buckinham Palace,
- got really angry at London Underground,
- took a bus thinking it would be faster than walking,
- hired a minicab,
- hired a black cab,
- went for a run,
- went for a swim,
- spent all day on Netflix, 
- met my family,
- had issues with the boiler going out (every 3 days!)
- skyped home,
- taken pictures,
- walked the wrong direction,
- laughed when the train doors shut in someones face,
- been hungover from cheap wine,

I'm sure theres more.
I have missed home, my comfortable life with my family and friends but I have no regrets. Some days feel hard and make me miss being a kid in school but I think that is more the reality of being an proper adult rather than Londons. I had to become a proper adult one day so may as well do it in one of the best cities in the world. 


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