Sunday, 9 February 2014

Today at the Brisbane Domestic airport the first charter flight to Antarctica departed. Passengers began boarding at 0700, conveniently I started work at this time so I could watch the whole affair from my shop. 
At 0900 I heard an announcement that the passengers had to disembark because one of the turbos on the 747 was malfunctioning. Some of the passengers came into the store to pass the time. I asked most of them about their story - why they had decided to spend thousands of on a plane ticket to fly over the great continent. Most of them replied 'it has always been on my bucket list' but one lady had wanted to go since the army declined her in the 70's because she was a woman. She wanted to go on a cruise but her husband said it would be too cold (modern day Sherlock that one) so at this stage in her life this was as close as she was going to get. 
oh, I should have mentioned that the average age of the passengers was 70 years old.

This got me thinking, when I'm old and I have had adventures and travelled far and wide. Where will I go last?


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