Friday, 23 May 2014

We arrived in Dublin just before lunch on the 22nd, after settling in to our accommodation (which was so close to Croke Park we could hear the other nights concerts) we headed in to the center of Dublin to get our souvenirs, food and outfits sorted (because it was SO dam cold).

That night we could barely sleep there was a continual count down of how many hours until we could go line up or until the boys came on stage…

The next morning was so exciting we got ready and headed to the gates. Little did we know we were about to enter an 8-hour line up marathon.
That day really tested our love for the boys. We couldn’t move from our position except to use the bathrooms, it was freezing cold and raining on and off which meant if you were sitting you had to say sitting or the rain would wet your piece of cold hard bitumen.
I won’t go into how we passed the time because that will be as boring as that day was.

But when the officials came to get us, the excitement began.
About an hour before we went into the venue they shut off access to the bathrooms. We got a little excited.
Then we got to move 10 meters to a new line area. We got a little bit more excited.
Then they scanned our tickets. More excitement.
Then line up in new area with lots of guards. More excitement.
Then we walked (no running allowed) to our side of the stage.
Then we saw the field. And.all.hell.broke.loose.
It was every fangirl for herself.
Sherrie and I had a plan. Get to the fence and we did it, we reached a piece of fence and held on for dear life.
Then we waited. Again. Standing there holding our fence.

At 7:30, 5 Seconds of Summer came on stage. This was the second time I saw them open for One Direction. The previous time in Brisbane, Calum ripped open his skinny jeans, no such luck this time. 
After 5SOS there was a 45 minutes break then the boys came on!

WOW it was loud. Ireland was loving Niall - who doesn’t though?
We chose the perfect position along the catwalk, it was close to the main stage that it still had the little raised up bits that the boys would sit on occasionally.
I swear at the very least Zayn and Liam made direct eye contact with me.

The night before Sherrie and I wrote our twitter handles on a whole lot of little koalas. Throughout the concert we would try to throw them on stage. Our shots were a bit off at first because the security guards were standing there to prevent things being thrown on stage, but by Story of My Life we were getting them on stage. Liam picked a blue one up and put it in his pocket. Then Harry saw us throw a red one. He picked it up and put it in his pants!!!! sung his verse then found us in the crowd and threw it back! We died. Just writing about this pants koala now makes me so excited! EEEPPPPPP

Me with the Harry Styles Pants Koala
It was an amazing concert even though it poured with rain half way through, this made for a good laugh at the end when Liam slipped over, hopefully he didn’t squish the koala.

 I will be going to the boys next concert and I will always pay extra to be front row because it is just worth it.


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