Friday, 25 April 2014

The weekend was a big one, so prepare yourself for a long journey.

First there was Friday night: Rosie’s Birthday Dinner.

We had a banquet meal at a Filipino restaurant in Earl’s Court. The food was lovely and plentiful but food, drinks and service defiantly ran on Filo time. The restaurant only had 6 tables yet it still took an hour to bring out our pre-ordered meal. Lauren and Mel and had also brought an amazing chocolate cake for dessert. I should have saved more room because I was at bursting point by the time I finished. 

Saturday day: book shopping and Sherlock hotel

I had a lie in on Saturday morning and over breakfast I flipped through my London Lonely Planet book for idea of what to do. I felt like browsing a book shop. The first one on the list was Dunes Book store in Marylebone. I called up Elia to go with me, because I knew he would appreciate a bookstore. The book shop was beautiful, it’s really old with wooden shelves and narrow stair cases bringing you up to the balcony. We spent almost two hours in there; I bought a large map of Europe and a fact book on London.

We then went in search of lunch.

As we walked down the street we looked at all the pub menu boards to see if anything caught our fancy. For a while nothing did. Then there was a 2 courses for £15 that looked nice. I looked up at the name of the place and what would you know we were at 221B Baker Street (actually we weren’t that address is a bank), the Sherlock Hotel and museum. Lunch was delicious I had soup of the day followed by risotto. Once again I was so full of delicious food.

Saturday Night: Kelsey’s housemate’s birthday party

That night I went to my high school friends house for a party. It should only take 34 minutes to get to her house but for a multitude of reasons it took 2 and a half hours! By the time I got there I was hungry and just needed to drink.
It was a really fun night I love partying with Kelsey, she is such great fun and I’ll be really sad when she has to go home.

Sunday: walking from Parsons Green to Tower Bridge

Late Sunday morning I woke up to a slight hangover from £2 wine. I didn’t want to just sit around home all day when there was such beautiful weather. My housemate suggested I walk to Tower Bridge. I do love a long walk so I put on my red sparkly Vans and set off.
I walked through Chelsea to Westminster across the bridge then along Southbank all the way to the Bridge.

The walk was really beautiful and helped me understand the above ground layout of London. It took about three hours because I kept stopping to take photos. I tested out a lot of the manual settings of the camera along the way as well as a wide-angle lens.

Once I got to the bridge I walked over thinking I would catch the tube from Tower Hill Underground but it was closed and it was starting to rain. I jumped on a bus to Charing Cross but that station was also closed. At this time I was annoyed because I was cold, my feet hurt and I was REALLY hungry. I saw a bus to Oxford Circus and ran for it. Finally, I got to Oxford Circus tube station and went home.

Sunday night: Ben Harper

When I got home I made my tomato soup and was just about to sit down and eat it when my house mate asked me if I wanted to go to a Ben Harper concert with her as the person she was going to go with bailed at the last minute.

The concert was great but went for ages at 10:30 we left because we both had work in the morning and there was no sign of him finishing.

Ben and his mum singing a song from their new album


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