Thursday, 18 September 2014

The London Design Festival is currently on and as I am a designer living in London, I decided to use my (paid) day off to visit some of the exhibits. 

A Place Called Home is being exhibited in Trafalgar Square. The exhibits were very good but it wasn't the designs that got me thinking. It was the sponsor, AirBnB. I prefer to stay in AirBnBs and have done so exclusively through my European adventures. 
Thinking back on each place there are always good stories to tell. Each stay is always unique, each host different from the previous. 
From drinking wine on the couch in Paris, to talking one direction in Dublin, to only communicating in broken French and English in Amsterdam and all the other little moments that you and your travel buddy share.

That is what makes AirBnB so good.

*nb this is not an ad for AirBnB I just like it. Although do check out the London Design Festival if you can. 


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