Tuesday, 17 September 2013

From the 16th November 2012 to 13th of February 2013 I was travelling around the States by myself. I don’t exactly know when I decided to go over because I never had a real fascination with America. I have always been more fascinated with places like Japan, Britain and most Europe. Originally I wanted to go over and work for the 4 months that university is on holidays for. Unfortunately I discovered that it is actually incredibly difficult (and frustrating to get a work visa in the US) so I gave up those plans and looked at holiday VISAs. Thankfully I’m Australian and getting an ESTA visa is super easy and costs a grand total of US$14.00! The ESTA visa allows a traveller from participating countries a maximum of 90 days in the US, so naturally I chose to stay for 89 days just to get my $14.oo worth (plus the $1800 in air fares).

While planning what cities to visit I had a thought… I wanted to get bored in a city that wasn’t my own. I chose San Francisco for this for a couple of reasons, 1) I have a friend that lives in Mountain View (about and hour south) and wanted to see him when he wasn’t crazy busy with work, 2) I looked into SF when looking for work because they have such great design companies based in the area (IDEO!) 3) everyone who has ever been their raves about how much they loved it and want to go back. So I decided to look on craigslist and hopefully find someone putting their room up for one month rent in December, thankfully somebody did. And that is how I spent a month and a half exploring and getting bored in San Francisco.

X Georgie


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