Friday, 28 March 2014

During my last few weeks in Australia I have done a lot of last- at least for the next 2 years. 

My first last (that I was aware of) was a trip to the beach. On the first Saturday of March, 3 friends and I went up the Sunshine Coast to Noosa. The first beach we went to was Sunshine Beach, it was rough but swimmable. Two people we on boards and two of us (me) were just swimming. Unfortunately, I'm not the strongest swimmer and after a while I noticed that I was out a little too deep and the waves were a little bit big and crashing very close together. I realised I needed to try to get back into shore, I don't think I was in a rip but I wasn't certain, none the less I started swimming parallel to the beach. My friend must have noticed me during this time because he soon came out to help me duck under the waves and get back to the shore quicker. When I got back to the beach I stayed in the shallows sitting between the flags. I felt a bit sheepish at being an Aussie who has grown up at the beach- yet still getting into strife in the surf. 
Soon after we went down to Noosa Heads, which was completely different surf, despite being just around the corner. The water was crystal clear and I could just bob over the waves while watching 20 guys paddle out to a buoy and back into shore - absolute perfection. 
So apart from the mild drowning incident I had a good day that ended with ice-cream and watching some fit guys playing beach cricket.

Sunshine Beach - looking innocent 
My last day at work was Friday, March 7th. People who know me personally will know how I felt about my job, but that I absolutely loved the people I worked with. I was looking forward to my last day but sad about potentially not seeing some of these people again. It is has become a tradition for us to give a group going away present when someone leaves; my present was a one year membership to London's Tate Modern. I was so touched by the thoughtfulness of the gift, not just because my colleagues clearly know me so well but also it wasn't something that would take up space in my luggage!

My going away party was on the 8th of March. It was at Lefty's in Caxton Street. I invited my brother along even though he does not know a lot of my friends, but he seemed to enjoy the night. I had a fantastic night, I didn't drink very much because I wanted to remember the night and I wanted to get pictures with all my friends- which I did.
While I did see everyone that night, throughout the following week I still said goodbye to various people in private. I received many great gifts over this time!

*Final Days*

My family going away party was held on Sunday the 17th. We were suppose to go up to a picnic area on Mt Coo-tha but due to medical issues we ended up going to my Aunt's house. Which was ok because she has a pool and Sunday was close to 30 degrees. I love sitting around her square table out on the back patio, talking and eating. When I think of my family gatherings I always think of those times. So it was a lovely afternoon.

On my last time at church I was invited up the front and was given a blessing by Fr Adrian and the rest of the congregation. This was really lovely as I am one of the original members for our St Aggies youth mass.

My last bootcamp was Monday the 18th. The session was titled 'Georgina's leaving us' and involved a lot of leg work (which I always like because I want nice legs and butt). At the end of the session the other girls gifted me with a FitBit. It is a fantastic little device that i know will actually make me do some exercise and reach for 10,000 steps a day.

Our Best session (missing one person)

The last dinner in Australia was a family affair only we went to a local Italian restaurant. I had a delicious seafood tajine (so did dad). 

On my very last day in Australia, Thomas (my bother) and I went down to Whitewater world and Dreamworld. I wanted to use my annual voucher one last time. It was a really hot day again, so we visited Whitewater World first. Even though there wasn't many people there (being a Wednesday in the middle of the school term) there also wasn't as many staff at the rides so the lines took about the same time. After lunch we decided to go over to Dreamworld. It was virtually empty. Everyone must have gone over to the water park we we walked straight on the the Buzz Saw (hate that ride) and the Tower of Terror 2 (love that ride), both of which you normally have to line up for over an hour. We also went on the long flume ride- Thomas and I like to pull hilarious poses for camera and this is always a good one to do that on. Finally we got our tradition ice cream cone and did zombie laser tag- I kicked ass this time 1080 points! (normally around 300).

Me, Thomas and our ice creams

Those are most of my lasts. I felt very special and loved over the two weeks and will cherish the memories when I get home sick.


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