Thursday, 20 February 2014

How I came to tour three baseball stadiums but am yet to watch a baseball game. 

It all started in NYC... The Aussie boys I met in my NYC hostel were going on a tour to Yankee Stadium and invited me and the others in out make shift group to join them. I had never seen a game of baseball but Yankee stadium is iconic that I couldn't pass up the offer, and I knew that I would never go otherwise. 
We caught the subway to the stadium and had to wait for the next tour to start. We had just over an hour to kill so decided to splurge and eat at the adjoining Hard Rock cafe. 
We started in the museum area looking at the history of the players and the previous stadium. 
The tour was absolutely amazing. I may have stated in previous post that I have a love of museums and that is exactly what Yankee stadium is. The memorabilia and pride of their players sweeps you up with it. I have so many photos from that tour and would have bought the whole gift shop if I could carry it home with me. 
Me in the press box at Yankee Stadium

Next was Fenway Park in Boston. Again I went with two Aussies, who travelled up with me from NYC. Fenway Park was much harder to get to in comparison to Yankee Stadium and the ticket area for tours was even harder again. Because of all this we got into a tour that had just started, so an attendant had to run us up to them. Having only done Yankee Stadium the previous week, by comparison Fenway Park was absolutely tiny! We started off with a brief history of the park then walked through the stadium seats. Then up to the Green Monster, we were allowed to walk along it and pretend to sit in the seats. We then went down to the players change rooms and finally up to the Press Box. 
I got my now 'traditional' press box photo but my photographer wasn't too great it was either the photo below or one with my eyes closed.

Me in the Press Box at Fenway Park
A two weeks later I made the journey to AT&T park, the home of the San Francisco Giants. I would like to just add that it was an absolutely beautiful day in SF! Getting to AT&T Park and buying my ticket was so easy. We started the tour with a short video of the history of the Giants and SF then we went up to the Press Box and slowly worked our way down the Park. We went to along the corridor of history and I got some photos with the Peanut characters dressed in Giants garb.Finally ending up at the field, we actually got to sit in the dugout and walk on the field (but we couldn't even touch the grass!).

Me at AT&T Park Press Box.

I don't know what it was but in all of these ball parks there was an electricity running through the air that made you excited... and this was all in the off season.


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