Thursday, 9 January 2014

I am not much of a foodie; don't get me wrong I LOVE good food. I just don't scout it out, if I have a favourite place I'll stick to it. 
That being said, I went to a new place on Oxford Street, Bulimba the other night for a friends birthday. It was a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Mura. Anyone who dines at Oxford Street knows that the Japanese restaurants that are there are pretty horrid especially for being in such a great location. That is why I am writing a post about Sushi Mura. 

Sushi Mura has an expansive menu including; entrees, sushi, sashimi, donburi, Curries, Yaki Soba, Teriyaki and u-don soup. I had agedashi entree with sushi and sashimi combo main.

The agedashi was the perfect ratio of tofu to liquid. The sashimi were cuts of tuna and salmon that just melted in your mouth. The whole meal was simply perfect and only cost $25 (including a pot of green tea). The quality of the food compared to the pricing was simply amazing. Just writing this post is making me want to go back!

So, if you are in Brisbane take the City Cat to Bulimba and stroll up to Sushi Mura.


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